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Connect your all business circles in one place.

Transform your work into the Fastest, Smartest, and extremely Easiest Lead management software.

About Us

Incredible Benefits



By tracking engagements across channels, brands get a better understanding of what the customer journey looks like.


Manage customers from multiple channels on a single customer service platform to avoid errors.


The real-time reporting software constantly measures and analyzes your team’s performance to ensure your reps meet their deadlines


Social media listening help companies understand the conversation surrounding their brand, industry trends, products and services they offer.
Who We Are

The String Methodology

It is a new marketing methodology aimed at finding audiences and exploring behaviors before the touch point with them. It is to be present where the audience is talking to their connections and friends about their needs. Monitor competitors and manage reputation. All of those activities come first. To generate more qualified leads, send them to our generator to manage them smoothly through our specific products.
A spot where all your activity lists are transformed into digital products flawlessly gathers all your tasks to improve your business and improve your conversion rate significantly.

about us

All your leads in one place.

Lead management system is the most needed and important tool for managing and tracking customer relationships.


Lead Scoring
Be the market leader and use The String.

Our Products

The string Pricing

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Basic Plan

For small businesses
  • Leads Management System (LMS) - 100k Leads
  • Web Forms To Collect Leads - 5k Web Forms
  • Agents Management System (AMS) - 10 Agents
  • Tasks Management System (TMS) - 10K Tasks
  • Reports - 10 Reports
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Premium Plan

For medium businesses
  • Leads Management System (LMS) - 500k Leads
  • Web Forms To Collect Leads - 50k Web Forms
  • Agents Management System (AMS) - 25 Agents
  • Tasks Management System (TMS) - 25K Tasks
  • Reports - 25 Reports
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Enterprise Plan

For large businesses
  • Leads Management System (LMS) - 1M Leads
  • Web Forms To Collect Leads - 100k Web Forms
  • Agents Management System (AMS) - 100 Agents
  • Tasks Management System (TMS) - 100K Tasks
  • Email Marketing - 1M Emails
  • SMS Service Marketing - 1M SMS Service
  • Reports - 100 Reports
  • Internal Chat - 50 Conversations
  • Invoices Management System (IMS) - 500k Invoices
  • Payments Management System (PMS) - 1B Payments
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What We Do

All Businesses need The String

Connect your all business circles in one place.

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