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The String Methodology

Transform your work into the Fastest, Smartest, and extremely Easiest, Marketing and sales management software.​

Customer Data Platform

Customizable, Tailored, and Easy to Use.​

The String is a System to be simple, customizable, and easy to use. So that you don’t have to deal with complicated software. The String system connects all your circles and gives you the most effective tool for your business needs.​

By tracking engagements across channels, brands get a better understanding of what the customer journey looks like, when and where consumers prefer to engage, and which campaigns have created the most value. All of this data can be put back into your strategy to build more targeted campaigns and optimize media spend.
Manage customers from multiple channels on a single customer service on the platform to avoid errors. Unify customer conversations from email, live chat, social media, etc., and quickly convert them into tickets and leads in the paltform.

Next-gen reporting capabilities of The String enhance your service standards.

The real-time reporting software constantly measures and analyzes your team performance to ensure your reps meet their deadlines. It allows you to know the number of tickets closed, pending tickets, and many other metrics, enabling you to work towards your goals.