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The String lead management system is an essential tool for any business that intends to achieve a high level of customer engagement, conversions more leads to customers, and keep close to audiences.

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Why do you choose The String lead management system?

The String lead management system is powerful and the most needed tool for managing and tracking your leads more effectively.
The String Lead Management system helps to manage leads and track their progress from the pre-qualification stage through the sales process. It allows organizations to drive more sales and increase revenue by:

  • Identifying the prospects and capturing their lead information.
  • Managing leads through the sales process.
  • Nurturing leads until they become customers.
  • Measuring the effectiveness of your sales and marketing efforts.
  • Improving conversion rates and sales performance.
  • Improving marketing ROI and sales productivity.
Predictive Analytics

lead Automation management | Digital Marketing

Achieve the highest service standards to build unwavering customer loyalty with our service CRM. Efficiently manage service requests through automated scheduling. Take advantage of our single system, omni-channel communications engine to avoid ambiguities in service operations.

  • Effective tracking of services requests till closure
  • Real-time monitoring of request assignments and worklogs
  • One platform to store and access service orders, quotes and contracts
Social Media Management

Advanced Customer Management

Manage customers from multiple channels on a single customer service on the platform to avoid errors. Unify customer conversations from email, live chat, social media, etc., and quickly convert them into tickets and leads in the paltform.

Get a 360-degree view of your customers and access to their previous purchase details, live chat records and much more to help your service reps deliver personalized solutions.

Enhance team collaboration with our service automation software.

Create groups for sales, marketing, and support team members and transparently collaborate their efforts. Delight customers and prospects with expert customer service with the minimum response time.

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